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Still Trying To Figure Out Which Online Piano Course Is "Just Right" For You? These Reviews Will Help You To Make Up Your Mind!

Learning to play the piano can be an exciting activity to pursue. The thought of one day being able to entertain your friends at a party, play in a band, or simply express yourself musically for your own enjoyment can fill your heart with joy.

Compared to the traditional and expensive piano lessons available from a private instructor, online piano courses today are much more affordable. They also offer a convenient, step-by-step way for you to learn and play music at your own pace. Plus, playing the piano is fun!

There are courses that cater to The Blues, Jazz, Classical, Gospel, Pop, Rock, Country and every genre of music, with lessons designed for every student — from the beginner to the very advanced player.

With so many online music courses to choose from, it can be quite a challenge having to decide on the best piano course for your particular situation. That's where we come in!

On this site you will find an accurate portrayal of a variety of online piano instruction products based on actual customer feedback and extensive online research. If you are considering learning how to play the piano, you will find this information to be extremely useful.

We have consumer reports available on the products listed below.

Play Piano Tonight

Play Piano Tonight is the brain child of Ron Worthy, an active professional musician who believes that learning to play the piano must be fun. He created this course with exactly that in mind. Ron has played with many famous names you would recognize, and for more than 25 years he has been making his living playing and teaching music.

Play Piano Tonight Product Report

Rocket Piano

The author of this program is a classically trained solo pianist. While classic piano is her specialty, she also has extensive experience performing jazz, pop, blues, rock and gospel. She holds a Bachelor of Media Arts degree with a major in commercial music. Included in this course are three exclusive learning games that will develop your ability to read music and keep perfect time, while having fun.

Rocket Piano Product Report

Power Piano Chords

This program author Duane Shinn holds a masters degree in music, has written several books on piano playing and has more than 500 CDs, DVDs and other publications to his credit. He is a highly experienced instructor and is well versed in teaching piano chords and music theroy. Duane has an easy-going teaching style and his course stresses understanding versus rote playing.

Power Piano Chords Product Report

Piano Coach Pro

This program is produced by Jaime Lewis and it contains the cutting edge method he created for teaching piano, keys, organ and music theory. He has been teaching privately and in schools for more than 12 years.

Piano Coach Pro Product Report

Piano is Fun


Anthony Fernando developed this program after searching without success for note learning software that would be fun for his young nephew to learn to read music and play the piano. And why not. He simply combined his musical talent and expertise as a professional software developer to make it happen. The result is what you see here – Piano Is Fun!

Piano Is Fun Product Report


Piano For All

Music teacher Robin Hall has produced a piano course that teaches popular chord based rhythm style piano techniques. He claims that learning with his course is easier than learning with any other course on the market.

Piano For All Product Report

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