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Music teacher Robin Hall has produced a piano course that teaches popular chord based rhythm style piano techniques. He claims that learning with his course is easier than learning with any other course on the market.

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Actual Customer Feedback:
"I purchased this course and within a week I was playing the rhythm lessons with ease. It was a slower progression from that point though. I have since moved on to another program that I felt gave me a more in depth understanding of playing."
—Squidoo website

"This program will get you playing songs fast. I like Robin's teaching style and the video lessons were easy to follow. I give this program a big thumbs up."
—Program user

"I feel the serious students would be much better off learning how to read music and learning all the chords before starting a course like this. I have been called a purist though and I realize people want to learn fast even if it means skipping around a bit. This program works for those kinds of students."
Professional musician


The course includes 10 books covering various styles of music, 200 video lessons and 500 audio lessons embedded into the various lesson books. This program sort of short cuts the learning process by first teaching a chord based rhythm playing method. This allows the student to begin playing songs quicker. Once the rhythm techniques are learned, the program takes the student into more advanced lessons that cover many styles of music.


These sort of rhythm style courses are becoming more popular. The majority of our reports indicate some success with these types of courses, but overall it is thought that a more conventional approach to learning is preferred. This course is appropriate as an introduction to piano, but for a full blown step-by-step learning process you might be better off looking elsewhere


Product Details
Author: Robin Hall
Product Specs: Multimedia ebooks. Immediate download.
Price: $39.95
Return Policy: 8–week unconditional money back guarantee

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