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This program author Duane Shinn holds a masters degree in music, has written several books on piano playing and has more than 500 CDs, DVDs and other publications to his credit. He is a highly experienced instructor and is well versed in teaching piano chords and music theroy. Duane has an easy-going teaching style and his course stresses understanding versus rote playing.

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Actual Customer Feedback:
"This is what I needed to fill the gaps in my piano training. Every chord I could possibly want to learn is in this book. They are broken down into easy lessons that I can cover in about a week each."
—Squidoo website

"Duane's book is the holy grail of piano chords. Each chord is shown in an illustration for easy learning. Give this man 39 weeks and he will teach you every chord you will ever need to know. He gets an A+ rating in my book."
—Yahoo website

"If you are a dedicated student, then you will want to check out this piano program by Duane Shinn. He is the man that can take your piano playing to a more advanced level quickly."
Program user


This 104-page ebook course is designed to teach chords exclusively and is laid out in 39 lessons. If you need improvement in this area, this program will definitely boost your understanding and skill. All the major and minor chords are covered, as well as diminished, augmented and extension chords. The course also looks at chord progressions using the Circle of Fifths, and there are online audio files available for quick and easy reference.


This is a high impact way of learning all your chords. The illustrations are there for easy reference and you are learning from a very qualified instructor. The product is priced at only one dollar a lesson and was considered to be an outstanding value by our consumer reviewers. This is a good product for beginners, but it is an excellent product for more advanced piano students.


Product Details
Author: Duane Shinn
Product Specs: 39 lesson ebook handbook, audio files. Instant online access.
Price: $39.00
Return Policy: 8–week unconditional money back guarantee

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